Why Not Another Chart?

image Yet another proof that you can certainly make money on line, make money blogging and blogging forthrightly, honestly and in a very limited time frame:


This is the visitors count from a favorite of mine, BlogTrepreneur.com … run by a younger fellow who goes by Adnan. 

This blog was only started in February of 2006 … I came across it about a year back, and Adnan has built it up to an over $650 a month earner … while finishing high school, getting into university, taking vacation trips and all the other things in life that happen while you are expecting something else.

blogtrepreneur_sale He has done all this without any trickery, smoke and mirrors or advertising dollars.  It’s now up for sale due to non-blog reasons and actually it would really be a tempting one …. I have no idea what final price Blogtreprenuer will go for, but based on some recent sales measured by the value of RSS subscribers it has a potential worth of $18,000.  If we look at   another common valuation rule of thumb, 10 x monthly income we are looking at a value on the plus side of $6,000.

Let’s assume the lowest side and guess that Adan clears $6,000.  That’s cash in his pocket of over $500 a month for the approximately 12 months that he has been seriously (on his own URL) blogging regularly.  That’s an awful lot of burgers flipped had Adnan clung to the traditional high school student working wisdom.

Is Donald trump changing his business plan soon?  Probably not, (although "the Donald" is using a blog very effectively to market his educational programs, a huge chunk of his income) but how many other empowered retirement" ventures could you think of that would earn you $500 or $600 a month and have an equal net value in a year or so …. almost no investment and no risk?  Do not tell me you can’t make money blogging.

Best of luck, Adnan


  • Hey Dave – thanks so much for the writeup mate. I’ve already had quite a few offers, so hopefully the price I’ll get will be in the $xx,000 – I’ve heard that blogs are now getting around 24 x monthly revenue, which is really cool.

    It’s been a great pleasure getting to know you, and I want to thankyou for reading for the past year, and hope you will continue to follow the new owner, I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

    Good luck with this blog and all your other ventures man.

  • RP

    Dang! 24 x monthly revenue? _This_ blog’s for sale then at only 20 x … now where did I leave that “for sale” sign .jpg?

    Seriously I have to find time to do an analysis on a couple recent blog sales … they are selling at fantastic bargain terms if my information can be confirmed.

    I hope you do get something more in the $xx,000 range that the $x,000 range I based my example on … I only did that becuase I’m, well, conservative. More power to ya, guy.

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