Work is Love Made Visible.

One of my most popular posts here talks about quitting your day job.  several of my online friends have some degree of notoriety for doing that very thing.  Others are planning to do so seriously within the coming months.

In my case I already quit my day job years ago … and my only regret so far has been that I didn’t do it a few years earlier.

But I never quit work … and I never will until my energy or faculties fail.  I may scale d back,  switch courses/horses, I may (or may not) make money at different ventures … but sitting on my butt in a rocking chair is not something that interests me.  (except when American Chopper is on … these guys are extremely hard workers and marketing geniuses, I learn something from every show and I’ll probably never own a motorcycle … hmmm I smell a whole new blog post coming .. learn to make money from American Chopper ;-))

Anyway, back to the work is love theme.  You might like to read Steve Pavlina’s post here about never working at things you hate … as usual, Steve really puts some things in perspective.

But Dave, you say, I can’t quit my day job right now and it sucks, big time, I absolutely hate it.  Whatever can I do?

Well I have a couple thoughts/suggestions here … no magic cure-all (and no affiliate links 😉

  • Accept the fact that man is made to work.  It is not work you hate, it is the wrong type of work that is killing you.  believe me, if you could magically sit on your behind 20 hours a day and watch TV or surf the ‘Net you would begin to hate that too.  You are what you produce.
  • OK, my job is wrong for me but I can’t change jobs … too old, too much seniority, too close to retirement, etc.  Well many times those excuses are cop-outs.  It takes effort (work again) to make a change.  Analyze your situation as if you were a third-party.  make a list of pluses and minuses involved in making the change.  You may well find out that the pluses outweigh the negatives … remember nothing in the world … even doing nothing … comes without a cost.
  • Decided you will stay with your current job for now?  Fine … instead of focusing on hating it, focus on the ways you can change it to fit you.  Learn things you will need for that day the job finally goes away.  Find the things other people don’t want to do and do them. make them your speciality …this was my crutch that got me through my last five years of "real" work.  I took on several tasks that were never getting done in my office … in fact part of my job dissatisfaction was that they were never getting done.  I started doing the myself … got rid of massive headaches for me, my boss thought I was a hero and mu co-workers thought I was stupid.  Fine with me, I got rid of so much stress, aggravation and life-shortening anger I didn’t care what those losers thought … most of them are still grinding along at the same mind-numbing chores … so who’s stupid now?


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