Writing Styles and Making Keyboard Money

Daniel, over at Daily Blog Tips has a great post and some comments on Write Like There’s No Tomorrow.  I offered these thoughts:

When PC’s first started going on every desk in business offices, a coworker and I got ours at the same time.  I began doing everything on the keyboard immediately, my cubicle-mate seemed a little slow to adopt the “new way” …he still wrote out all his letters on a yellow pad with a pen, even though we no longer had a secretary to type them up.  My mate would then correct his handwritten copy with a pen and only then would he boot up with computer with his WordStar disk … yep, it was that long ago … and then type the finished product.

Sounds tedious?  indeed, but he turned out more finished product per day than I ever did, and his success rate for getting documents past the boss’ review for final signature was about twice mine.

Yellow legal pads may not be as obsolete as you think … and no matter what method you use, turn off that annoying inline spell checking … write, _then_ spell check and proof read.

After I wrote and posted that I got to thinking that there was a real gem of a business idea in there.  My theme is always that seniors and retirees like us have a lifetime of experience and we can put that experience and work ethic toward the goal of empowering our retirement.

But what if your experience was in something non-marketable … as an example the job I mentioned in the comment above involved making corrections and writing new sections for a whole library full of dusty military manuals … they were outdated then and they’re all gone in modernization program now as well … so those skills got me nowhere?

Of course not … writing and editing is writing and editing.  Seems to me to be a golden opportunity out there for proofreading and editing services.  You think you might want to be involved in blogging but you don’t want to start a blog on your own?  Why not offer proofing, editing, ghostwriting services to bloggers?  If you read 100 current blog posts (entries) I’m going to hazard a guess that you will find 90 that can use some help … I certainly include my own in this. 

You could approach bloggers directly, offering to go through their posts, before or after publication for a fee, for “link love”, for consulting and setup services in return … opportunities abound.

You could also set up a blog on writing in English for ESL bloggers and make money either directly or indirectly for editing and proofing services. 

It’s certainly not hard to find examples of bad writing … fixing mistakes is always a better thing than letting them slide (and reflect poorly on the author) and this kind of work can be done with no special equipment, not complex web “gizmos”, nothing but your skills in writing correct English, diplomacy and keyboarding.  A few places where you can offer/find this type of work:

Elance, Adveres, Allfreelance, GetaFreelancer, FreelanceSwitch, the list goes on, just Google.

Thoughts anyone?

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