Yes Sir, No Sir, No Excuse, Sir

Slow posting the past few days, and the headline is a multiple choice list of the only answers that really should be given … so I’ll pick, “No Excuse, Sir”.  I will add, in partial explanation that this is a really busy week .. today (my time) is All Saints Day, pretty familiar to Catholics around the world, except in the US, where I never heard about it from any of my Catholic friends in more than 50 years.  If you’re of the Roman catholic faith or think you know something about the tenets of that faith, and you’re an American who has never lived outside the US in another Catholic country … boy, do you have gaps in your knowledge! *smile*. Anyway, it’s a big thing here in the Philippines and we are also preparing for Momma’s birthday tomorrow … it will also be a “big thing”.

I did find something very valuable article on ProBlogger (as you know one of my most recommended sources) by Skellie a regular writer for ProBlogger. She runs her own blog about blogging at Come by and say hello 🙂  She pints up what I have been trying to say about blogging for income or blogging for the promotion of another enterprise, on or off-line: Value Blogging.  Skellie even goes so far as to call it a model for success.  I concur.

Even though I am a small fish in the blogging puddle, I’ve been doing this gig successfully since 2004 and I have read a lot of blogs and a lot of comments, usually wistful or even whining in tone from other bloggers bemoaning the fact that their sites didn’t have visitors and were not making money.  There are many reasons for this situation, but in the vast majority of situations there is only one real reason … the sites/blogs did not provide anything of value.  A certain (small) number of visitors will be personal friends our someone who knows you and/or wants to know you.  If you have Katie Couric’s legs or write about the famous gams, you’ll get a few more visitors … but if you are not providing anything of value … you might as well not start.

So what’s a “Value Blog”?  here’s a starting point:

Value-blogging is, at its core, about focusing your energy on helping readers. There are dozens of ways you can do this, but the most common approaches are as follows:

  • Provide tips and advice on an important skill in your niche.
  • Answer a key question your readers might have.
  • Share lessons you’ve learned.
  • Provide useful information and resources.
  • Write a tutorial or guide.
  • Answer the who, where, what, when and why of something.

There’s your roadmap, for a blog or any other venture, like the eight non-blog proven moneymakers I discussed last post.  There are six main points in Skellie’s definition.  Which one, two, (or more) are you providing for your readers/web site visitors?  If you’re currently reading other’s blogs (as I have frequently recommended), make sure you don’t waste your time … ascertain the very next time you view and individual blog which of the six key benefit9s) you are getting from that blog … and if you can’t identify one … unsubscribe … your time is to precious to read content that doesn’t provide value.  As a point of departure … about half the most highly rated blogs on Technorati do not provide any real value … even though they are highly ranked.  Many pattern themselves after popular TV shows or the shallow, inept reportage one gets from most television journalism.  There may be a parallel there … I don’t know, but I know I don’t read them.

If you are (or aren’t) getting value from my writings and analyses, let me know:

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