You Can’t Say You Haven’t Been Warned

This post is dedicated to all my readers who have Google AdSense on their websites … blogs or “traditional” websites … and all those who may be considering the idea.

Recently, Google changed their terms of service for AdSense Publishers … that’s what you are if you display Google AdSense.  They made specific changes in their requirements for Privacy Policies for all publishers and they put “teeth” in to the rule.  In the past these policies were suggested … and lack of them might affect a site’s quality score, but the rules could essentially be ignored.  Now Google have promised to stop serving publishers who don’t comply.  Many of the major blogs have been ignoring this, Darren (of course), took note and wrote it up here.

image This is both easy and difficult to comply with one a one or two site publisher … if you have dozens or hundreds of sites this will be a big thing to get done.

As usual the blogging community is very giving.  My colleague Eric Giguere has already released a dedicated AdSense Privacy Policy plug-in that automates this task and will put you in compliance quick as a wink.

I have already uploaded and used the plug-in on several sites and it works great.  Thanks Eric … and for you who don’t know what the privacy policy on all your sites are?  Better check now.

BTW, I’ve been an AdSense publisher since mid-2005, and it works for me … but some techniques and programs work even better … if you want to make bigger money, here’s a way I recommend:  It costs money, but then again, by our age most of us know there is no free lunch.  But the money is trivial, and it is 100% backed up … you can order this system, use it for 60 days (more than enough time to make money if you ever are going to … and then get a prompt, courteous refund if you decide it is not for you.

You have as much as you want to gain, and absolutely zero to lose if you feel this offer is not your cup of tea … so what are you waiting for?  I can personally guarantee that if you do nothing, you will get absolutely no where.  Try “doing something” and see if this is “it”.



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    Thank you for all your research. You seem to be really up-to-date with all your information and “johnny-on-the-spot” with fixes to problems.

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