You May Never Want To Retire

Some may have already come to the conclusion I’m a slave driver.  I want to keep everyone’s shoulder to the wheel until they drop, perhaps?  No, that’s not really my philosophy at all.  But while other advisors make a living out of telling people which coupons to clip … more often whining about not enough income per coupon, I talk about making your retirement richer in both dollars and cents and in personal satisfaction.

Yesterday I came across a great article on CNN’s site about Boomers who choose to stay working … usually at a different career.  I was particularly taken by this story:

For Bob Shipley, retiring was a step toward freedom. “I decided I didn’t want to do that anymore,” he said of his 30-year career as a general manager in the laundry business.

Marrying his business savvy to an interest in wine, he and business partner Craig Ciciarri established a New Jersey-based company that allows people to make their own customized wine, picking everything from the grapes to the bottle’s label.  More about Boomers who won’t retire here:

Bob Shipley’s story impressed me in several ways.  I like wine, but I know precious little about it.  Reading wine magazines and most other aficionado resources leaves me cold, as they are often written for people who “already know” the parts I don’t.  I am also a “graduate” of New Jersey.  Born and raised there and left 30 years ago, never to return.  It’s not that I actively dislike the place … but I could hardly think of a less propitious location for a winery … even a virtual winery … than in New Jersey.

But Bob’s much smarter than me on that score.  He took his 30 years managerial experience and put it to good use.  he imageemphasizes the individual attention and better selection a customer will get from his premier operation, the fact that his staff is trained at premier California wine making schools, and even calls his clients “student-customers”. 

Advantage is where you find it … and today your home work is to go to Bob’s website and see what a 60 something commercial laundry manager in the Garden State can do with his retirement … instead of whining about the size of his COLA.

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