About Retired Pay

Don’t Struggle On a Fixed Income, UNFIX It!

What is Retired Pay All About?

For years I heard the chorus from “old people” about the problems and perils of “living on a fixed income”.  It did not help make my journey from “young buck” to “old man” any easier.

Worries about the future are common, especially about health and wealth (or lack of wealth).

I can’t do much about my own or anyone else’s future health, but I decided some time ago to do something positive about the wealth problem.

If You Are Living On A Fixed Income, Simple, Just “Unfix It”

Some facts to think about at any age:

Most people of working or retirement age already live on a pretty “fixed income.  I served for many years as a uniformed member of the military.  Everything about serving in the military is pretty well “fixed”.  What you wear, who you have to salute, what your income is (based on your rank).

You get slight increases for longevity every few years, and you will usually get promoted to a higher grade (pay grade) at semi-regular intervals, but it can often be years and years between promotions.

In general, that’s what I’d call pretty much a “fixed income”.

Even those of you reading this who have no income except Social Security get a COLA increase every year or so… and the Social Security crowd is among the loudest chorus complaining about their“fixed income”.

How To Solve The “Fixed Income” Problem In your retirement years?

Simple … “unfix” it …

In other words, start a business, a job you can do from home, or some other simple income stream that will add income.

That’s what we are about here at Retired Pay.  You’re welcome to join us on our journey …