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10 Ways To Make Money In Retirement — Online Modernized

(Updated 11 February 2021)

I’m going through old articles about how to Make Money In Retirement from my old Retired Pay blog, deleting some trivia and updating some of the more worthy ones to meet changing times.

I was really struck by this article, written more than 10 years ago … how little seems to have changed … especially the attitude my fellow seniors have about empowering their retirement by learning new things and capitalizing on on-line opportunities. Enjoy.

Ways to Make Money in Retirement

How I Found This Article and Many Others

As I’ve mentioned before I make a lot of use of Google Alerts

(you should set some for yourself and see how valuable this service is)

in order to find information on things I want to learn about (like Make Money In Retirement) as well as general subjects for the blogs I operate.

This article is from a UK magazine a few summers back.

Still pretty much up to date … and still pretty much behind the times regarding the Internet.

Do they think our brains dry up at age 65 or something?

After 30-odd years of internet use, you’d think they would start to “get it” by now, wouldn’t you?

Read the Make Money In Retirement article if you haven’t already and then come back here and I’ll give you what I feel is the “rest of the story”.

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