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Updated 30 August 2018

This post is going to ruffle a few feathers, you could say.
And when you read this, I want you to be honest with yourself about whether or not you fit the mold of the type of person I’m describing here.

Help Me, I Can’t Do It On My Own

Have you ever given advice to someone, and every action you suggested, they would give you a “ya but” type of answer?
That Doesn't WorkOr they’d put up the next barrier in a never-ending barrage of excuses as to why they can’t fix the problem they’re facing  (but are happy to tell you about).
I usually refer to this sort of action as “roadblocking“.
What I’ve found is that people that do this, typically won’t  roadblock YOUR dreams and desires, but only theirs.

Strange, Isn’t It?

It’s an odd phenomenon.
A couple of my very close family members are/were like this.
They will tell you about a problem they’re having, and you will give what is a very simple solution.
Then the next barrier will come out of their mouth.
So you’ll give a relatively simple solution to that.
Until the point where the excuses & barriers they constantly come up with get so ridiculous that there isn’t even a point in continuing conversation.
I see this SO much when it comes to income generation as well.

People Ask Me About Jobs And Online Income And Before The Words Are Out Of My Mouth

It’s as if they had been studying all night for an exam on the subject of “Why Things Won’t Work”.  And darned if they haven’t studied well.
Before people even get started driving traffic or focusing on one method, they will tell you the reasons why it won’t work.
It’s like they’re professional skeptics, except being a skeptic doesn’t make you any money in the long run.
I’ve been guilty of it myself… it was one of those things that really held me back.
And I’m not saying held me back from making my first dollars online, I mean even when I had a lot of experience and success, it held me back from getting to the level I knew I could.
I had to really do some honest analysis as to why this was happening.
For me, I noticed one thing that really held me back was this idea of supposed “wasted effort”.
I was constantly worried about IF this thing didn’t work, I would have wasted time, possibly money, felt like a “failure”, whatever.

“There is no such thing as wasted effort.”

That’s a line from Craig Garber’s How to Make Maximum Money with Minimum Customers (great book btw, that I’ve recommended several times before).
I didn’t know Craig when I first read it and seeing the whole ”wasted effort” concept spelled out was a real kick in the ass for me.
When I started to think about it, and really analyze the situations that I thought were complete failures and total time wasters, there was often at least ONE lesson I could take out of it.

Roadblocking Is The Only Real Wasted Effort

To be honest, I think the only wasted effort is putting up those roadblocks, and spending your time on excuses. Typically the only time you learn a lesson from that is when it’s too late.
Now, yes, I know that there is only a finite amount of time in each day. And that trying EVERY technique you come across would be impossible and frankly not very smart.
But I think the problem becomes a big one when you try to find that ”one thing” that is guaranteed when the others are not.

That’s the BIG issue here.

Because when you do that, you end up in this never-ending circle of “failures”, at least in your mind.
You try a method or technique, it doesn’t work right away or even in the first 10 tries, and you abandon it.
Then onto the next… and the next… and so on.
You might even end up speaking to someone that had success with one of those previously “failed” experiments of yours, and when it’s time to share your experience… maybe the roadblocks come up?
Stop road blocking… stop deflecting.
There are enough legitimate challenges you will face in your life without fabricating new ones simply because you don’t want to “waste your time”.
I guarantee that the more you launch, test, tweak… in any area of your life, the faster you will get what it is that you want.
Much faster than the road blocker, anyway.
Be very careful when you say THAT DOESN’T WORK!