Where To Find a Job — Age Is Not An Issue

Lost Your Job? Don’t Cry, Cope!

(Updated 5 May 2022)

A while back an online friend of mine, Josh, announced some bad news.  He got laid off from his job and things didn’t look very good for him getting his job back any time soon.

Many of my readers here have been in the same position, and some are even in a worse pickle than Josh was.  You might have a wife, a house with a mortgage, a car payment, student loans, and other debts as well.

Josh had plenty on his plate also, and in today’s “degree-crazy” world he had the dubious distinction of being a non-college graduate in a mainly college-oriented business world.

Josh took stock of his situation, and although he began the boring, demeaning routine of sending out resumes and standing, hat-in-hand in from of various gatekeepers hoping to win an interview for a replacement job.

But one asset Josh had that most laid-off folks in his position did not have was eBay.  Josh had been selling items on eBay for some years as a hobby.

He decided that while he cooled his heels (and wore out his shoes) hoping for another try at another risky job, he would devote himself to expanding his eBay reselling business and see how much of his lost income he could replace with skills he already had, and with an investment of virtually nothing.

One Year Later, Let Josh Tell You If His Plan Worked

Josh is making more money from selling on eBay than he ever did before with a “real” job, and he only even ever steps outside his door when he wants to.  Think about it.

Jobs Are The Buggy Whips of 2021

Update one year later.

Jobs are still the “buggy whips” of the century.  Josh has not only succeeded at his reselling business, he has moved into a much larger and more luxurious home with a huge warehouse in the backyard to allow him to grow his reselling income even larger.

Don’t Struggle With a Fixed Income, UNFIX IT!

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