Why You’re Not Following Your Retirement Dream

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What’s your excuse for not following your Retirement Dream?

(Updated 25 July 2018)
Excuses, everybody’s got a few, right?
The one thing I have heard consistently from others in my 12 plus years of earning online, from home, is excuses.

People are very clever, and almost totally dedicated to making up various excuses explaining why they will not be able to accomplish their dreams.

At times I almost lose my temper and bark back at them, “If you spent half the effort you do in making excuses on reaching your goals, you’d be there already.”

Many people will make various excuses for why they cannot and why they will not be able to reach their dream. With 2014 very close, you are probably thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2014 and what your goals are for the future.

It’s Now Past Mid-2018.  How Are You Doing On Your Goals?


When I do tell people about what I do, living without a J*O*B and living anywhere I want to, I often get a lot of “You are lucky,” “I never will be able to do what I want,” “That’s not possible” and so on.

That always makes me sad to hear.

What's your excuse for not following your Retirement DreamIf you want something, then you most likely will have to work hard at it.

A goal wouldn’t be a goal if it only took one second to achieve.

Here are some excuses as well as an action plan to make your dream more attainable.

Excuse 1: I don’t have the skills.

Many people say that they can’t work on their goals because they don’t have the skills. Maybe you need background knowledge, a degree, a certification, experience or something else. They use this as a reason for why they cannot go further.

Action plan: Work on the skills that you need! If you don’t have the skills, then get them. Go to school if you need to, apply for an entry-level position so that you can get your foot in the door, start with a volunteer position and so on.

With all the training available online, it has never been easier to learn whatever skills you need to learn.

Your education did not or should not) have stopped back when you finished 12th grade or got your bachelor’s degree.  Not only can you learn at any age (I’m 72 myself), but you may just find it fun.

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Excuse 2: I don’t have enough money.

Not having money can be a good excuse for why you have not started following your dream, but you should be working to overcome that.

If you are spending money on things that you do not absolutely need and are using that as a reason for why you cannot go for your goal, then obviously something needs to change there.

You CAN save money!

And, you can earn extra money, with no investment.

Action plan: Make money on the side if you can’t make any more money during the day. There are many different ways for you to earn extra income.  Here’s just one.

If your goal is to eventually leave your day job to start your own business, great

If you are afraid that you will never save enough money, you should still aim for smaller money goals to keep you motivated.  Start earning at parttime now, whatever your age.

Excuse 3: What if I fail?

Most people are afraid of failure.

I think being at least a little afraid is only normal.

Going for your dream may mean that you will have to make significant life changes, and of course, that is scary.

Action plan:  Try to think of ways to make you more “comfortable” with failure. Maybe create a backup plan just in case things don’t go as planned and treat your possible failure as a real earning experience.

It’s not nearly as easy as some people would have you think to make money online in retirement.

But it’s darn hard for me to think of any online venture I’ve been involved with where I didn’t learn a LOT.

And I’ve had a lot of fun and made a lot of good friends along the way.

Excuse 4:  It’s too late for me to change.

You might think that you are too old.  That is particularly galling to me.

Learning is possible at any age.  In fact, there’s more than a few bits of research out there that shows learning improves mental health and brain ability for us “oldies”.

Action plan:  Certain things may hold you back, but you probably just need a more realistic plan.

Create a schedule of where you would like to be each month and strive for something better.

Excuse 5: I have no time.

In some cases, you might actually not have any time. Maybe.

But I’m going to guess that you have at least SOME!

Even if it’s just an extra hour each day to work towards your goals, that still counts.

Let’s look at a generic week.

7 days of 24 hours each.  That’s 168 hours.  Each and every week.

An interesting thing to think about here is, unlike almost every other yardstick you can think of, the amount of time each and every one of us has is absolutely equal.

We can’t buy Wany more.  We can’t sell any of our “extra”.

We all have exactly the same number of hours every week, rich, poor, smart, stupid, lazy or blindingy ambitious.

Everyone needs to sleep.  Many of us probably are cheating ourselves on that too, so let’s set aside 10 hours every day for sleep itself, and the before bed/after waking routines we all have.  That’s a whopping 70 hours a week, leaving only 98 hours for the rest of life to squeeze into.

And many who are reading this have a full-time job, and can’t afford to just up an quit.

So let’s allow 50 hours for that, 5 eight hour days plus commuting time.  That leaves only 48 hours to spare.

Let’s allocate at least an hour a day, every day, for family dinners (without tablets and gadgets or TV at the table … or other meaningful time with your spouse and children.  Go ahead and allow 8 hours per week for that.  What do we have left?

A good, solid 40 hours a week

In most people’s definitions, 40 hours a week constitutes a full-time job … so even if you work a full-time job. allocate more sleep and family quality time than most of us do today anyway, you still have enough time for a second, full-time career.

What’s missing?  Aout the only big time wasters I see missing are Facebook and TV.

Action plan: Make time!

f your dream/goal truly matters to you, you will find a way.

I’m sure that there is some TV or something else that you can probably cut out.

So, what’s your excuse for not following your retirement dream?