Over 50 and Jobless? Why Worry, You’re Now Enabled


Fore some time now I’ve been intending to write more about what many Americans call the “Problem” of being over 50 and jobless. Are You Sure Being Over 50 and Jobless is Really A Problem? The only real problem I see in this situation is if you became jobless due to your employer cheating you […]

How To Make Money With Only A Little — Or Maybe No Money

How To Make Money With No Money

Ok, six posts on making money with no money in just a short while,  now I am going to talk about spending some money, or How To Make Money With Only A Little — Or Maybe No Money. More exactly, buying and selling money.  Yep, Foreign currency exchange or FOREX.  Now some won’t want to hear […]

Common Catch 62 Questions


From time to time some pretty interesting comments come in here at Retired Pay regarding the good old (bad old) Catch 62 Questions Today I got at least three comments from a fellow named Dan.  Reader Dan seems a bit upset at the “deal” he got in his retirement journey and he seems to have […]

Why Build a Retirement Income When You Can Just Buy One

How Long Do You Plan To Live? Remember the scary statistic I mentioned a few days back? According to Prudential Insurance in the USA (and they know a LOT about actuarial probabilities and life spans, after all), the first American to live to the age of 150 is ALREADY alive.  Wow. What If Your Money […]

Want To Start a Business As Big as Amazon?

Here’s an important update:  My FB friend, Jonathan sent me this link.  It clearly shows two sides to using the Fulfillment By Amazon program.  As with any business, you need to explore all aspects.  As we say on the Internet, YMMV.  http://www.startupnation.com/start-your-business/plan-your-business/third-party-sellers-need-to-rethink-theamazon-fba-program/ I’ve recommended my blogging friend Pat Flynn’s work many times before.  Today Pat […]

Is Online Money And Finance Real?

How To Make Money With No Money

I often hear from folks who are doubtful about online entrepreneurship who have the idea that although it may be possible to make money online for a lucky few, those of us who do actually make money online are dealing with some sort of “imitation” or not really real money. Well let me disabuse you […]

Forex Trading Strategy – The Interest Rate Approach

With a host of strategies employed in Forex Trading , the question is where do we start?

Everyone Over 50 Reading This Should Be Successful — Passive Income Is Where It’s At!


I can say that for a certainty, because I am well over 50, and I’m certainly successful. So why aren’t you? How Did I Get Successful? I started working online I refuse to accept that as I age my income is limited to what “they” will give me. I am a serial entrepreneur, I keep […]

Are You Sure You Want to Start a LLC?

Everybody tells you to start a LLC. Among other reasons, for your own protection. they say  I’ve even published articles about starting a LLC or other forms of incorporation. Start a LLC. Will a LLC Protect You? Well it may.  Or it may not.  here’s some conventional wisdom from a new blogging compatriot I have […]

Here’s The Way Real People Are Making Good Money Trading Forex

Making money with a small business has become a lot easier now that almost everyone has internet access. There’s a lot of different choices to choose from. Many people have set up online stores or begun selling items on ebay. However, one of the best business doesn’t involve setting up any type of store. If you’re serious about earning money online, take a close look at forex trading.