Leave Your Name and Email and Get a Pounding Headache

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How To Make Money With No Money

Leave Your eMail and Get a Headache

I was reading Darren Rowse’s problogger.net this morning and came across this article.  Boy! did it strike home with me.

I enter my name and email in a lot of online squeeze pages’ and I often learn a great deal of value.

Unfortunately, I often learn what Darren talks about here: (read it, especially if you send, or are thinking of sending to an email list)

… I can just imagine how it happened – the company with the affiliate program probably has a page with some suggested emails that people could send out prospects – those signing up for the affiliate program simply copy and paste the email into my contact form expecting to get rich.

The problem is:

  • The emails lack any compelling reason for me to respond to them.
  • They completely lack anything personal.
  • They give no real or useful information.
  • They don’t tell me a story.
  • They are spin.  …

Ready To Quit Sometimes

I am frankly so sick of receiving the typical drivel I have been receiving lately that I am ready to bag this whole blogging and Internet marketing learning exercise.

It is not that there is not a lot of valuable information out there … there certainly is.

It is not a case of ‘too many crooks’ … a very large percentage of the folks I have dealt with have proven to be honest as the day is long.

It is not that you can’t make money … you certainly can, I make some myself as do a great many others.

The problem is, though, the way so many go about making that money.  Darren’s points are very well taken and I second them, wholeheartedly.

Build a List But Don’t Abuse It

If you want to make money, especially marketing your own product or earning affiliate commissions from other’s products, then you darn well better build a list.  One of the biggest mistakes I have made so far is avoiding building a list.

Furthermore, it is not that hard at all to build a list … if you decide to do so.

But the real ‘rub’ is, what you do with … and to the folks on that list.  they aren’t email addresses, they are people, and they deserve to be treated with respect.  Not bombarded with bullshit … the only proper term for much of the promotional emails I receive … or milked dry like a cow’s teat.

Milking Is Nowhere Near As Easy As You Think

By the way, since 98% of you aren’t interested in agriculture you may not know that milking and caring for cows is a very exact science, coupled with luck and a little art.

Real cows will go off their milk when they are abused … just as email lists will.

Sadly this seems to be a hard lesson to learn.

I found an excellent series of video by a fellow named Frank Kern that I am going to recommend you watch, unreservedly.  They do require a sign-up, so far Frank has been non-abusive.  You’ll learn the right way to make lists and earn money … without abusing anyone.  recommended.

By the way, the list above is not an affiliate link.  I wish it was, but I don’t have time to play with any more affiliate programs … I need to focus on working a number of other opportunities I am already neglecting.  So go, view and enjoy.

(tip of the blog hat to Yaro for recommending these videos.  If you aren’t reading Yaro on a regular basis, you are not trying to learn and earn.  Thanks Yaro.)


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What’s So Unique About A Unique?

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What’s So Unique?

Darren Rowse had an interesting write-up today about an interesting service called Izea Rank.  This is yet another “blog only” ranking system designed to help bloggers answer that age-old question of “where am I”.

Just for the record I won’t be participating for a number of reasons, but Darren’s article and some of the comments already made to it … worth a read, by the way … prompted me to get busy and finish up this post that has been languishing in my “Drafts” folder for some time.

The Unique Question

This will certainly not be a “how to” post and it also will certainly not answer any cosmic questions … but it asks one and I think the on-line world in general and the blogging community in particular have been ignoring the question far too long.

We’re Kidding Oursleves

Frankly, I feel it’s time we stopped ignoring the 500-pound gorilla in the room that every just tiptoes around.

Unique Blog VisitorsThe gorilla’s name?  TRAFFIC … everything business-oriented online rises or falls in relationship to the traffic it generates.  And yet we have really no decent way at all to measure traffic, compare traffic or even discuss it in scientific terms.  Right now the Internet is like a huge international highways system with roads that range from barely noticeable footpaths to mega-freeways and yet we don’t have a true, defensible standard for counting the cars that pass through the network.

How Many People Visit?  A Lot … Or Maybe Not — Who Knows?

In particular we have an absolutely abysmal and even corrupt system for attempting to count that subset of traffic, UNIQUE VISITITORS.  If you are reading these words on my website,

If you are reading these words on my website, www.retiredpay.com, then you are indeed a visitor, and I thank you for dropping by.  And certainly, if you are a human visitor, you are unique … aren’t we all.

But the question for discussion is,

  • How on earth can I know that you are unique?
  • How can I keep statistics that accurately approximate the number of unique visitors I receive.  This influences nearly everything involving this site’s ‘world’ …
  • What should I write about,
  • Should I change topics,
  • What form of advertising should I use,
  • What number of unique visitors may i honestly report to a prospective buyer …
  • the list of unanswered questions just goes on and on.

Yet even huge online deals and decisions that have significant financial outcomes to the millions of people are made every day based on numbers that are not only demonstrably false, but may even be maliciously in error.

A few typical, yet no less egregious examples:

  • Do you surf from a business, a school, a government agency or even an ISP that uses a gateway router IP address?

A great many of us do … it’s one of the most commonly recommended forms of network security and without it we couldn’t even have the Internet we have today … we would have long ago run out of individual IP addresses.

But this means that when you visit this page and another person behind the same router visits also, the stats counting software on my server has no reliable way to determine the two of you are unique, and not just two requests from the same user.

  • What if you have a specific, unique IP assigned?  The problem then translates into one of timing.  If you surf here today and you also visited last week, you’re clearly the same person … but what tells my stats program that?

Typically statistics program arbitrarily count each hit not seen in the previous 24 hours as a “unique” … but if someone comes back in23 hours and 59 minutes did they suddenly loe their uniqueness?

  • And finally, I mentioned at the beginning the caveat “if you are human.”

A huge percentage of the page requests to every web server are from non-human sources.

Typically, such robotic sources will use a name to indicate they are not people … but there is no enforceable Internet standard for this, and if I build a piece of software to repetively visit a site acting as a human and inflate both raw traffic and unique’s, and chose to hide the fact the ‘visitor’ is a robot, what happens?

Not a thing, except for bad data.

So that’s my observation for the day … hopefully you’ll do some further thinking/discussing.  I see no need of running yet another rank counting program when our entire methodology of counting is built on very loosely shifting sand.

Foundations, please?

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More About Passion and the Masters

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Passionate Earning

You’ll recall I have mentioned often there that the number one thing, above all, that you must do to make money online is to do something.  Of all the reasons people fail, there is no reason that even comes close than paralysis by analysis.

The other thing I mention frequently is to do something that you are passionate about.  If you do something, and do it in an area that you care about, you’ll attain some success, I can guarantee.

Want Passionate Proof?

Just recently I was catching up with Passionate Earningsome of the latest posts on John Chow (remember, I’m not smart, but the masters are and they share and share a lot).  You go read this GM-Volt.com: Making Money By Blogging About Your Passion  for a good example of what I mean.

I read about the Chevy Volt probably several months ago … I think I even used a picture of it on one of my blogs, but it’s a “concept car” and it’s way out there in the future, so how would that relate much to today?

Well, since that first mention that I saw, even old “Oil Is Our Salvation”, “in Saudi We Trust”,  Dubya has finally been forced to realize what the shrinking supply of oil and the even faster shrinking US dollar require something be done … and he signed a bill demanding fleet-wide 35 mpg fuel mileage from Detroit.  (Actually, he probably got a look at the bill for filling up Air Force One on foreign soil paying in US dollars, but anything that wakes people up will help.)

Well 35 mpg is nothing, even with today’s technology, but with tomorrow’s technology the US can field a lot of 60 and 70 mpg marvels, to make up for the gas-guzzling Hummers they love to build and Americans love to buy.  Hence, the Volt is on people’s minds along with a lot of other economy measures.

Lyle Dennis likes the idea of electric cars and alternative fuels … for a cost of nearly zero and the work of putting together some posts about his passion he built http://www.gm-volt.com/ .  In less than 11 months online Lyle had a Page Rank 6 site with over 1800 Google back links and very decent traffic stats to build upon.  (By the way, Lyle is not a car professional .. he’s an M.D. and this is his hobby … you don’t need to go to engineering school to write about your passion)  And yes, I mentioned work, but read what John Chow said about the work, he echoes my sentiments but says it better:

It’s Not Work If You’re Passionate About Your Topic

Lyle’s passion for the Chevy Volt has translated into 273 posts about a car that is still at least three years from production. Is that hard work? To me, it would be. However, I’m not as passionate about the Volt as Lyle is. For Lyle, finding information about the battery-powered Chevy isn’t work, it’s relaxation! …

So what’s your passion?  The new Corvette? A desktop lathe and milling machine with output that rivals the big boys? A new recipe that Emril wishes he had thought of?  A marching band you’re working with who is going to the Rose Parade next year?  The 1978 Cessna 150 you bought and are restoring in retirement so you can finally earn your ticket?

There’s a Market For Every Passion

It really doesn’t matter, as long as you care.  The words will flow once you decide to stop thinking about it and make it happen.  All the software you need is totally free, the “know how” is available too, and I’m offering 100% free no strings attached, no affiliate link, no advertising, no BS web hosting for six months to get you going.  Do it!

Get Into Passionate Earning

Make 36% On Your Investment, 100% Safe and Legal!

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Make 36% ROI?

Yes you can make 36% on your investment!

OK, how’s that for a bit of linkbait. It’s absolutely true, though. And no this is not a scam, it’s not illegal in any way and I am not selling anything or touting anything except regaining your financial health.

You can’t buy anything from me, you have to do this on your own … best of all it’s easy and you can start today.

You also don;t have to Quit Your Day Job, although if you follow this guide it will make it a lot easier when you do decide to quit.

It’s 100% Safe, Legal, Requires No Internet and It’s 100% Guaranteed

Dos this sound too good to be true?  Of course it does, and you know I have warned you often about “business opportunites”, internet scams and such which are “too good to be true”, but I can assure you this is ot one of those.

Go ahead and run it by your accounatand, or chief of police, or even your priest or rabbi.  It passes the “smaeel test”, I guarantee.

My thanks for the inspiration on this go out to John Chow.  John is an Internet entrepreneur type so don’t go there if you don’t want to see some pitches, but John’s smart with his money and offers good advice, so don’t worry about the motivation of the source.

The One Catch

Now the only thing wrong with this technique is, it won’t work for those who aren’t carrying credit card debt.  In other words if you are already smart about wasting your money, this idea can’t help any further.

But some idiotically large percentage of Americans and also my Philippine bretheren think nothing of carying balances on their credit6 cards.

If you Like me, (I’m in the trap too) (proud to say I WAS in the trap and then used this method for several years and I now have NO, Zero, Not Any Credit Card Debt!) ran up a balance and are paying it off, then listen in here, before you rush off to invest in one of those conservative, safe investments like certificates of deposit or some other bank saving instrument, or a whole life insurance policy.  Especially think this through before you buy stock or mutual funds or dump more money into your IRA.

This Investment Is Way More Solid Than Stocks and Bonds and Insurance

Why is my suggestion better than all of those, even better than investment-grade real estate? (Investment grade real estate?  remember that cruel joke?).  Simple. Because it can not fail, is absolutely guaranteed by the credit card agreements you already have in place and unlike any other “standard” investments, it will free up money for a more traditional investment as you profit from your current one.

Make 36% On Your Investment

The Answer Is So Simple You’ll Do a Facepalm

The plain unvarnished truth is, credit card accounts charge 18%, 20%, 25% and more.   There are no usury laws in effect on most credit cards, if you check you’ll find the companies are mostly headquartered in states like Delaware which don’t even have maximum interest laws on their books.  They can charge you 50% interest if they want to … shy is the limit.

And don’t be fooled by those ‘zero percent’ offers.  You run up a debt at zero percent inn a special, preferred customer balance transfer deal?  Then make just one other purchase and all your payments go only to the low or no interest portion of your debt, leaving you recent purchases subject to sky-high interest … and there’s not a darn thing you can do until the low interest balance is paid off.

Why Have You Let This Go On So Long?

So pay those balances now with that tax refund you were going to invest in Google with, or sock into a CD or such.  Every dollar you put in is worth at least the maximum rate the card is charging and …

Every dollar you free up from the tentacles of your credit card issuer is a dollar you’ve already paid tax on and didn’t get to use …  so it’s really worth the maximum rate on that card and also whatever your marginal income tax rate is … perhaps another 18%, 24%, etc.

Get my point? You now know how to Make 36% On Your Investment.


A Week’s Work

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As you can see from the last few posts I’m really back on the authoring side of putting your life-knowledge to work.  And books, on paper or on-screen are always going to be a big part of the equation.  But eBooks are not everyone’s cup of tea … to write, to market or to read.  Here’s 7 way you can change your knowledge to profit, online with little or no investment … and not an eBook among them.  Take the next 7 days and explore these ideas … don’t throw any of them away just because they might seem unfamiliar … they are all something the majority of retired folk I know can do and do well.

1. Special Reports:

Write a highly focused document used to address one specific topic.  An example for a former loan officer might be the top ten strategies for approval … for a trucker, top ten ways to get more miles per day legally … you get the idea.   Provide your readers with essential information they want or need right away.  Range from a few pages to 20 pages or more.  Typically sell in the range of $5 to $25 or more depending on value of the information.  easily sold online or laser-printed on demand and sent by mail.

2. E-courses:

We have just started to see use of electronic courses on the Internet.  Many are still offered for free to   draw prospects to product sites or for online branding purposes.  However, there is no reason why a detailed 6 or 7-part e-course could not be sold for $10-$50 – similar content to an eBook, but delivered in parts  right to the inbox of your customers.  The difference, of course is, instead of just a document to read you would provide coaching, gradingor evaluation service along with the printed material.  How many retired teachers/technical instructors are there out there who could do this and do it well?  See also https://flippedlifestyle.com/

Continue reading

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Who Knew? Catch 62 for FERS Employees?

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Catch 62 for FERS Employees?

Think there is no Catch 62 for FERS Employees. Not long ago I was skimming over a site with a lot of interesting federal retiree information.  I noticed a headline where the author had written something like “Are You Prepared for your Annuity to Drop 40%?

Immediately I of course figured he was writing about the CSRS Military Service buy back issue and its built-in “Catch” at age 62, where retired employees (In the civil service retirement world we call retirees “annuitants”) can indeed lose 40% (or even more) of their annuity.  I’ve written plenty on that issue, you can always start reading about Common Catch 62 Questions here if you want to know more.

But nope, I re-read what I had been skimming over and sure enough, he was talking about an issue affecting FERS retirees.  Hmm, though I, hadn’t read about this, best I research more … and was I glad I did.

FERS Flavored Catch 62

If you are a FERS retiree, or a potential FERS retiree, you need to listen up too, because if you are not thinking your retirement through, something could jump up on your 62nd birthday and give you the sort of birthday surprise you really, really don’t want to have.

First of All, This Does Not Affect All FERS Retirees.

To find out if it affects you, you’ll have to read on.

For those of you who retire, under FERS, that is, with a ‘normal immediate retirement’, that is:

  • 30 years of creditable service and be at least your Minimum Retirement Age (MRA)
  • or 20 years of creditable service and be at least 60 years old.

You will get a special supplement from your retirement until you are age 62 … with the stated purpose of making up for the fact you won’t get Social Security retirement benefits before age 62 … even though Social Security is one of the three major “Pillars” of a FERS retirement.

Note, as with many retirement benefits there are special regulations and eligibility “gates” for “Special Provisions” FERS employees, typically those in ATC, Law Enforcement or Fire Fighters.  If you fall into those categories, read more about “Special Provisions Employees” here.

So Suppose You Don’t Decide To Start Social Security at Age 62?

Well, that’s one of the main reasons for writing this article.

Catch 62 for FERS Employees

Getting Retired Before 62 May Have Consequences

For years I have been saying to FERS employees, “Hey, don’t worry, there is no “Catch 62” for FERS”.  And, essentially, I wasn’t wrong.

The standard CSRS retiree “Catch 62” provision, where OPM will give “free credit” for military time until the retiree reaches 62, and then take the credit for retired years away, for life, can’t happen under FERS.


It can’t happen, mainly, because you can’t get any “free credit” for military time while retired, below age 62, under FERS.

But What If You Are a FERS and CAN Retiree Before 62?

You really need to aware of the provision for military service credit and military service buy back options even under FERS, because indeed, for folks like Special Provisions Employees, the 62nd birthday can be very important, just as it always had been for your CSRS federal retirement system brethren.

Learn Now or Regret Later

But I really had my eyes opened by this excellent article by retirement planning expert Micah Shilanski from http://www.plan-your-federal-retirement.com/.  If you are planning yourself to be a federal retiree someday, as I already am, you really should acquaint yourself with Micah’s site.  He has some of the best information I’ve found anywhere.

There’s a LOT more to retiring from the Federal government than just living long enough.  And there are many decisions that can be made, even quite early in your career, that can affect your retirement for as long as you live, and even as long as your survivors may live.

So in-between reading websites from crabby old men like me, your busy schedule on FaceBook, and watching the NFL, you should start learning about the huge, complex “organism” that you are a part of .. the Federal Retirement System.

Is there anything which comes to mind right this minute that is actually more important than empowering you own retirement?  Frankly, I can’t think of anything … but feel free to leave a comment and tell me if you think I’m wrong.  Especially about Catch 62 for FERS Employees.

Over 50 and Jobless? Why Worry, You’re Now Enabled

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Fore some time now I’ve been intending to write more about what many Americans call the “Problem” of being over 50 and jobless.

Are You Sure Being Over 50 and Jobless is Really A Problem?

The only real problem I see in this situation is if you became jobless due to your employer cheating you out of a pension you have already partially earned.  To me this is a despicable tactic used all too often in the USA, often with the agencies in the government turning a blind eye to the limited protections they are supposed to provide.

But this is a separate issue, along with the very real age discrimination which is allegedly “illegal” but which goes on day after day with impunity .. often joked about in executive backroom meetings.

It’s bad, but there’s very little an employee in this situation can do about it.

Does It Really Matter?

Over 50 and JoblessHere’s the thing, injustice or not, even if you get a job after 50, you have little or no chance of getting the retirement benefits back you would have enjoyed any way … so you might as well accept that problem (unless a lawyer actually advises you differently). 

It’s kind of like being a baseball pitcher working 9 innings into a no-hitter when an opposing slugger hits an inside the park home run.  Disaster.  But then on review the umpires call back the run and place the batsman on second base with a ground rule double.

Are you going to go to pieces over the loss of the no hitter, or are you going to knuckle down and get the rest of the side out so you can enjoy having a complete game shutout on your record. 

There’s no way your getting the hit removed from your record, but you still have a LOT to be thankful for.

Here’s the Piece That Got Me Thinking On This Recently

Will jobless 50+ workers be able to get back in the workforce?

June 13, 2014 by Mark Miller

Nothing throws a financial plan off course like unplanned unemployment in the years leading up to retirement. Plenty of plans have been derailed in the aftermath of the Great Recession.

Nearly half of workers retire earlier than expected, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute’s annual Retirement Confidence Survey. The reasons include health problems or disability (61 percent); downsizing or closure (18 percent); and the need to care for a spouse or another family member (18 percent).

Near-retirement workers who are unemployed or underemployed have probably reduced, or eliminated, retirement plan contributions. Perhaps they’ve tapped savings accounts to meet living expenses.

What’s next? Is it reasonable to expect 50+ workers will be able to get back into the labor force? Or are they really retired for good, and just don’t know it yet? …

Are you Over 50 and Jobless?

The way I look at it, you have three real options.

OPTION ONE:  Demean yourself and wear out you shoes, schlepping for personnel office to personnel office, handing out resume’s, filling out applications and listening to the perpetual lies of “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”  My view is, you should think more of yourself than that. 

  • You’re too old for a company to take on the responsibility of re-training you and molding you into “their” brand of employee.  (doesn’t matter what the law says, we’re talking reality here.)
  • You’re over-qualified.  How are you going to react to being ordered around by a supervisor 20 years your junior,who actually might not know as much about the job as you do?
  • You know a LOT about the job, but your knowledge may be quite dated.  Think of the example of a telecomm engineer who started work 30 years ago, when the telephone system was a monopoly and things like cell phones weren’t even know yet.  Sure, of course, you CAN learn but why should they hire you to learn what every new college grad already knows?
  • You will likely have to take less money.  No matter how you think this doesn’t matter, it does.  You will grow dissatisfied, watching people less senior and less qualified draw higher wages.  It’s just a recipe for eventual anger and resentment.

My advice is, forget about this option from the “git-go”, because in the end it’s a pretty useless exercise anyway.  Why waste the time, the job hunting expense and your personal dignity?

OPTION TWO:  You can do what a lot of Americans are doing.  Sit on your ass, collect unemployment until it runs out, and wait for some useless organization like the AARP,a veteran’s lobby, or whichever political party you think is NOT to blame for your job loss to do something before the dole runs out and you then have to do what I feel you _should_  be doing from the moment you find out your job is going away …  (here’s a news flash … Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, “the government” has plenty problems all on it’s own. 

They don’t give a shit about you … you’re old and used up.  The sooner you realize this and stop wasting your time bitching about the realities of life, over which you have no control, the happier and more prosperous you will be.  Re-read my baseball pitcher example.  The chance of the perfect game is gone.  Accept it.  You still have a major league shut out to finish up here.  Fantasy doesn’t count.  Only reality will go in the record books.

OPTION THREE: Consider this event one of the most fortunate things that ever happened to you and remake yourself into the  twenty-first century.  Become an entrepreneur.  You have:

  • A lifetime of experience.  There is almost nothing you are skilled at which there is not a market for teaching, writing about or out and outright selling for profit in today’s world.
  • You already have your “Social security “in the bag.  Just wait until the most profitable age to file, the amount you will draw is not based on how many years you have worked, but on how much you have earned .. maximize it!
  • But I’m Too Old.  BS.  Remember that Harlan Saunders was broke, 65 years old and on Social Security when he started KFC … and all he really knew how to do was cook fried chicken!
  • You have the precious gift of time to learn new things .. a gift you didn’t have when you were 30 or 40-something and raising kids, going to school, working overtime, etc.  DON”T WASTE THIS TIME!

Plenty more information and food for thought here for 50+ and Jobless folks here::

An Honest $100K On Line — Wife Quits Her Job and Makes $100K

10 Ways To Make Money In Retirement — Online Updated

The History of My First Online Business

Enjoy the opportunities life has blessed you with, don’t dwell upon what once was …. Paid Expert Help I Recommend

Super Affiliate: How I Made $436,797 In One Year      

Do What You Love – Make Money Online </H4?

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Three Barriers to Your Online Retirement Success — Part 1

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OK it’s about time I got more articles attuned to seniors and retirees achieving Online Retirement Success, isn’t it?  It’s no secret that I believe in a “doing something” retirement, not sitting on my butt in front of the TV … or worse yet, playing golf.  Golf is a loathsome blight imposed on man kind by Satanic forces, in my view 😉

In today’s current world, a lot of you who may have been looking forward to one of those sedentary retirements also my not be able to … checked that 401K lately?

(what a crock, isn’t it, government supported mechanisms for corporations to avoid their pension obligations, enrich their incompetent managers and then tax us, our children and the next 40 years of decedents to pay the bills … sad commentary on what our great country has become).

Here We’re All About Empowered Retirement

online retirement successStick with me and I’ll show you how to have an empowered retirement, where you can learn some new skills (learning is good for your brain you know), make a few mouse clicks and never have to be beholding to a government handout, no matter which party is currently mortgaging our future.

Three Big Barriers to Empowerment

To do this you will have to overcome some barriers.  There are at least three large ones staring you in the face right now.  Knowledge is power.  Let’s learn and overcome, together.

Barrier One: Your education.

Yep, you read that right.  Most of what you learned in school about business and especially retirement income, most especially online retirement income is wrong, dead wrong.

If you are one of my younger readers you might want to follow along too, because if you are currently supporting the fat cats of higher education, building up as huge debt in student loans and wasting 4, 6, 8 years of your life with so-called “higher education”, my view is you are doing the wrong thing.

In an earlier post, I talked about how a formal university education is a terrible investment if you look at how little you earn right out of school. Is There Actually Any Money Online? But what about those readers who have already completed their formal education.  Surely a college degree, especially an advanced degree will be a big plus for them in their quest to make money on line and empower their retirement, won’t it?

I still think not.  To empower your retirement and become a senior or retiree who is actually earning, formal education is a huge barrier to today’s world of on line success for one simple reason: it gives you the wrong mindset.

There’s a Lot To “Unlearn””

In school, you get assignments from professors and get quick feedback on whether you succeeded or failed. The scope of each assignment is clear, and someone tells you exactly what to do.  And if you forgot what the professor told you, there’s a text book for each course, written from the perspective of how things were 5, 10 or 20 years ago.

This Is “Wrong Thinking”

But this is exactly the wrong kind of experience if you want to be successful on line rather than an employee.  Why?

  • There is no such thing as “quick feedback” in the online world. You need to test things for weeks, months, or years before you know whether they worked, or especially if something is working, how to extract the last drop of goodness.
  • No one can tell you exactly what to do or what not to do. You need to test a lot of different ideas and see what sticks.  So many people never make a dime because they spend weeks, month and years trying to “plan” down to the gnat’s eyelash.  On line business to empower your retirement does not work that way.  You have to be the antithesis of every college professor.  You have to be more of a George Patton: Want To Join The Online Profit Parade But You Need Business Ideas? Part 1
  • There’s no one judge to tell you whether you succeeded. The only way to determine your success is whether or not your customers are satisfied.  This drives many people crazy.  Spending every waking hour of your day worrying about the approval of someone else is a recipe for disaster, not a recipe for success in your own empowered retirement on line money making venture.

The “Fix Action”

Start overcoming this barrier by surrounding yourself with people who had succeeded in business or are looking to succeed online, rather than by the naysayers who liked to complain rather than take action.  I write more about this particular barrier here.

Seniors and retirees can make money online, but you have to decide right now to take matters into your own hands and not wait for someone to tell you it is ok.

Next article I’ll write about the second big barrier to achieving Online Retirement Success.

Welcome to My Visitors From New Retirement

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My good friends at newretirement.com were kind enough to post an interview I gave a couple weeks back.  I just have time for a quick update right now, if you haven’t seen the interview, it’s here:

Expert Interview with Dave Starr on Empowered Retirement for NewRetirement.com

retirement_plannerThere are a lot of useful resources for current and future retiees there but one I noted in particular was their excellent tool for estimating your retirment needs.  This is the way we need information presnted, not on a umch of dead spread sheets and mumbo jumbo it takes a guy with an MBA to understand.

More will follow, but I can certianly say, good stuff, Recommended.

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How To Make Money With Only A Little — Or Maybe No Money

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How To Make Money With No Money

Ok, six posts on making money with no money in just a short while,  now I am going to talk about spending some money, or How To Make Money With Only A Little — Or Maybe No Money.

More exactly, buying and selling money.  Yep, Foreign currency exchange or FOREX.  Now some won’t want to hear about this at all … it keeps them up at night.  Some, like me, live overseas and we are involved with FOREX every day from paying the electric company to buying a coke.  Others find it’s a profitable business/investment strategy.

How To Make Money With Only A Little --- Or Maybe No Money

Click Here!’>So, how do you find out which Forex pair and time frame is best to trade?

Knowing the trend is crucial. Sure, you have experienced times when you entered the trade and waited during the choppy zone while some other pair was making a solid move. Trading the market that turns up and down and takes back all the profits during a series of losses feels like a slow torture…

Forex Trendy is a software solution to avoid trading during uncertain market periods. Instead, pick the best trending pair at the current time.

It uses no indicators, but the trend is determined by pure price action.

Any way you look at it, learning won’t hurt.  And did I mention spending money?  Well, you can, there’s a lot of web sites and a lot of good books out there … or, in the tradition of no money again … you can go visit Click Here!’>Forex Trendy and learn the facts.  100% risk free money back guarantee.

And learn why I recommend this product:

Make money without investing moneyMy readers will appreciate this product.  Please let me know immediately if you do not, I promise to always do right by those who place their trust in me.

  • Forex Trendy is not like many other products that come and go. It’s here forever
  • Helping Forex traders to increase their profitability regardless of their own trading style.
  • Unlike ebooks or downloadable software, this product cannot be shared
  • No Internet piracy. Guaranteed.
  • Unlike many products created overnight, Forex Trendy is a sophisticated online application.

Happy trading, How To Make Money With Only A Little — Or Maybe No Money

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