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Are You Sure You Want to Start a LLC?

Everybody tells you to start a LLC. Among other reasons, for your own protection. they say  I've even published articles about starting a LLC or other forms of incorporation. Start a LLC. Will a LLC Protect You? Well it may.  Or it may not.  here's some conventional wisdom from a new blogging compatriot I have comes across,

10 Ways To Make Money In Retirement — Online Updated

I'm going through old articles about how to Make Money In Retirement here at the Retired Pay World blog, deleting some trivia and updating some of the more worthy ones to meet changing times.  I was really struck by this article, written more than 5 years ago ... how little seems to have changed

Can’t Find the Military Retirement Calculator?

I came across a really good military retirement calculator recently.  This one is totally free, responsive, and seems to cover all situations … straight active duty retirement, straight Reserve Forces retirement and most any combination of the two. A direct link to the all purpose military retirement calculator is here. You

You Can’t Say You Haven’t Been Warned

This post is dedicated to all my readers who have Google AdSense on their websites ... blogs or "traditional" websites ... and all those who may be considering the idea. Recently, Google changed their terms of service for AdSense Publishers ... that's what you are if you display Google AdSense.  They made specific

Just How Long Have You Been In Civil Service?

Recently we talked a bit about the practicalities and legalities of what a federal employee's actual basic pay really is.  Basic Pay is of course very important if for no other reason than it becomes one of the single biggest factors that determines how large an employee's annuity (retirement check) will be.  If your

Leave Your Name and Email and Get a Pounding Headache

Leave Your eMail and Get a Headache I was reading Darren Rowse's problogger.net this morning and came across this article.  Boy! did it strike home with me. I enter my name and email in a lot of online squeeze pages' and I often learn a great deal of value. Unfortunately, I often learn what Darren talks about

What’s So Unique About A Unique?

  What's So Unique? Darren Rowse had an interesting write-up today about an interesting service called Izea Rank.  This is yet another blog only ranking system designed to help bloggers answer that age-old question of where am I. Just for the record I won't be participating for a number of reasons, but Darren's article and some of

More About Passion and the Masters

Passionate Earning You'll recall I have mentioned often there that the number one thing, above all, that you must do to make money online is to do something.  Of all the reasons people fail, there is no reason that even comes close than paralysis by analysis. The other thing I mention frequently is to do something

Make 36% On Your Investment, 100% Safe and Legal!

Make 36% ROI? Yes you can make 36% on your investment! OK, how's that for a bit of linkbait. It's absolutely true, though. And no this is not a scam, it's not illegal in any way and I am not selling anything or touting anything except regaining your financial health. You can't buy anything from me, you